Wire tie twister a necessary tool for tying bag and rebar

Wire tie tools comes in black, white and wood handle and carbon steel hook
Manual wire tie twisters

Designed for fast and efficient closing of sack or reinforcing loop ties, forged carbon steel tool companied with wooden or plastic handle is ideal to help the bag to be closed or keep rebar secure and in place.

Unlike automatic binding wire twister, handle twister is very simple and cheap. It is a regular tool for most families, shops and hardware stores.


How to tie a bag tightly?
First, bend the wire around the neck of the bag, insert the hook through both tie loops, rotate tool to form a complete closure, and then bend loops around the neck.


A man is twisting double loop tie wire to close a sack
A sack closed by twisting tie wire
  • Weight: 130g/pc
  • Wire gauge: 0.8 to 2.6mm
  • Handle material: wooden, plastic or rubber
  • Color: wood, black or others
  • Packaging: 1 pc per box; 25 boxes per carton; special package available;
  • Application: Ideal for tying rods, hessian sacks and heavy duty polyethylene bags;

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