U type binding wire improves efficiency and reduces cost

U type tie wire, pvc coated, galvanized, black annealed
U type binding wire

U type wire is a kindly of frequently used binding wire in construction industry. It is designed for a certain cut length and can be directly applied as without wasting resources and other operation. This significantly saves manpower and money while reducing construction time.

Given different working environments, U type wires are coated by zinc coating or pvc coating to protect base metal from corrosion.

U Type Wire Specification

  • Material: black annealed wire; electric or hot-dip galvanized wire; pvc coated wire; stainless steel wire;
  • Size: Wire Gauge 18 to 22(0.7mm to 1.2mm)
  • Length: 250 to 600mm or as required
  • Tensile strength: 350 to 550N/m2
  • Packaging: 200g/bundle; 10kg/carton or 1000kg/pallet or as ordered
  • Application: Binding wire in construction or enlacing wall material.
Galvanized U type wire packaged in carton, Dia. 0.7mm to 1.2mm
U type Galvanized wire
Green U type Tying Wire, PVC coated
U type rebar wire

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