High tensile baling wire gives strongest tensile strength

Made from cold rolled steel and heat treated to provide extra strength for extra protection and shock resistance, High tensile baling wire is developed as the strongest baling wire to meet the growing requirements of the recycling industry. We should make it clear that the flexibility of high tensile baling wire is a little lower.

Annealed, annealed and galvanized high tensile bale wires are provided. Extra zinc coating is designed of offering outstanding rust and corrosion resistance. In addition, a number of packages of baling wire are provided, such as coil, stem, pallets, cartons and spools.

High tensile baling wire is especially suitable for applications where high tensile strength exceeds flexibility. For example, high tensile baling wire is used to bale cotton bales in a long transportation.


  • Wire diameter: 1.0 - 4.0mm
  • Min breaking load (KN): 3.0-7.9
  • Tensile strength: 950-1240 MPa
  • Packaging: stem or coils.
High tensile baling wire, galvanized, packaged in stems
High tensile baling wire

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