Automatic baling wire makes baling simpler and easier

Automatic baling wire is strongly recommended for baling cardboard, lumber, cotton and other large bundles. It is always used with horizontal baling machines. According to different packages, box and stem wires are provided.

Automatic baling wire here refers to high tensile wire, which possesses exceptional high strength and elongation. Other type of wire is for special order.


  • Material: high tensile wire, galvanized;
  • Wire gauge: #10 - #12
  • Wire diameter: 2.0 to 3.5mm
  • Package: box or stem;
  • Application: baling of huge materials, such as waste, cotton, hay and similar materials.
Automatic baling wire packaged in box
Box Wire
Automatic baling wire packaged on stem for auto-tie balers
Automatic baling wire on stem

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