Baling wire makes your life easier and comfortable

Thanks to huge experience and customer resources, COX Baling Wire Corporation has been an important and leader supplier of baling wire in China, and its customers have a wide distribution, including North America, Europe, South Africa and other regions. Broad reputation and recognition have brought vigorous development to our company.

Baling wire was initially designed for creating bales, such as hay bales and cotton bales. With its fast development, it has embraced numerous modern applications in agriculture, recycling, packaging and construction industry.

Baling wire can be divided into soft baling wire and high tensile bale wire, for their raw material is different. Soft baling wire is made of annealed low carbon steel which has excellent flexibility and ductility. It is very workable when closing up a bag, rebar or other items while keeping its strength and durability. Unlike soft baling wire, high tensile baling wire is manufactured by high carbon steel. This kind of wire is ideal for applications where huge strength is urgently required.

In addition, annealed, annealed and galvanized, annealed and galvanized and PVC coated are available. Zinc coating or PVC coating is applied to increase resistance against corrosion and rust.

Baling wire has been processed into many types. Some are designed of certain length and in certain shape. For example, double loop tie wire, which is frequently used as rebar tie wire, is very easy to operate and save material and time.

If any problem with baling wire, please feel free and contact us immediately. You will receive our detailed reply in 6 hours!